When Will All This End?

It was 0 degrees this morning here in VA when I let my horses out of their stalls. That was a mere two hours ago and since then the temperature has risen to only 9 degrees. I am not sure if it was the frigid air or from being in a stall all night, but all three horses were feeling very frisky. I had to laugh out loud at my big boy Diablo who was jumping straight up in the air with all four hooves. He reminded me of what one might see at a Rodeo in  bareback bronco riding. Head down, back arched, and ejecting himself straight up into the air. He was such a funny sight. Continue reading


Those were the days

I sure do long for warmer weather to soon get here. My phone says it is 1 degree outside. I look at this picture that was taken back in September and wonder if I knew just how lucky I was at that time. This picture was taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon while the wife and I slipped away from all the many duties we had waiting at home for an enjoyable short ride. This was my first ride back in the saddle since breaking three ribs on the forth of July. That is another whole story. Let’s just say that I fell off of a ladder… that is my story and I am sticking to it.2014-09-28 13.37.16

Cold Outside

The temperature is supposed to get down in the very low teens to single digits tonight. The wind chill is going to be below 0 degrees. The wind is blowing hard, but all the horses are in the barn. They have been watered, fed, and have hay in their nets. I hope that they appreciate all that I do for them. Mucking stalls and feeding horses in the freezing cold is not my most favorite thing to do; however, I don’t mind because I feel that it is my duty. Just like the good book says:  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Goodnight Diablo! Goodnight Jack! Goodnight all….

Hello Horse World

Well, I am finally making the plunge into the social media world and starting my new  Double “K” Natural Horsemanship blog. I am a publicly employed as a computer technician and self-employed as a horse trainer.This is my first attempt at blogging so please bare with me. l will be posting more soon. I hope that you find something of interest that would make it worth your time to follow. Thanks and wish me good luck!