Let It Go…Let It Go.

Ok I guess i have some catching up to do since I haven’t posted anything for several days. I am so over all this cold weather and snow. It has become liken to having a house guest. I was very happy to see it come, but I can’t wait to see it leave. It has long over stayed its welcome. I look outside and all I can say is “Let it go, let it go”.

2015-02-21 07.59.35

I am still trying to get over one of the worst head colds that I can ever remember having. This cold did not even make any sense. My head was so stopped up yet at the same time my nose was running like a water faucet. It was making me feel down right miserable and the wife said i was even grumpy. Which by the way I  did not agree with her assessment because I never get grummpy. Ok well almost never.

On a more positive note warmer weather is in the forecast for next week. My wife and will be going to Kentucky before too long to pick up a 60 foot round pen that I purchased. I hope that we have better weather by then since we will be traveling through parts of West Virginia. This will be our second trip to Kentucky and we have plans to visit the Horse Park in Lexington, KY. while we are in the neighborhood.


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