Selling A Horse

Being a horse trainer is a lot like being a telemarketing salesman. Very seldom does your client (the horse) come looking for you to sell them something. You are generally offering something to them that they do not want. Most of the time you are interrupting their life or the one thing that they are doing at that moment.  It doesn’t take long for you to feel that you don’t have their undivided attention and they would rather be doing something else.  Thus the life of a salesman (horse trainer) is a rough way to earn a living.

Here is a great tip from an ex-salesman. Try this the next time you are training your horse. Think of yourself as a salesman and your horse as the client. After all you truly are trying to sell the horse on your idea. The secret to this sell is being able to make them think that it is their idea. Lay out your proposal in a simple way that makes it very clear what it is that you are offering. Then shut up and wait. Just wait on the horse.

There is an old saying in sales that says he who speaks first loses. How does this relate directly to training your horse? Well, lets say you are working on lateral flexing at your horse’s neck. You have a halter on and have the lead rope pulling the horse’s head to one side. You hold pressure waiting for the slightest try. You wait, and you wait, and you wait. Nothing happens.

Your horse continues to brace against the slight pressure you have on the lead rope.  Then you begin to wonder if you are doing something wrong. It feels as though an hour has gone by. Still no sign of your horse buying what you are selling. What should you do? Shut up and wait.

If you speak first by releasing the pressure then you have just lost the sale and the game. Hang in there and be confident that you can make this sale.  Trust in your own abilities. Trust me your horse will give in and eventually yield to the pressure and when he does there is no greater feeling.


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