Timing Is Everything

Surely we have all heard this saying many times before and in reference to many different things. We have even heard and used variations of this phrase. Things like perfect timing, good timing, or bad timing. With a little planning one can choose their own timing. You wouldn’t necessarily ask your boss for a raise when your business is doing very poorly. However, you might choose to start-up a new business when indicators show that there is a demand for the product you plan to provide. Both of these examples gives an individual the opportunity to devise a plan and then carry out that plan.

Much of the same is true when working with and training horses. You should always have a plan as to what you want to work with on a horse.You should know exactly what you want to accomplish and how you are going to go about reaching that goal. A word of caution here would be to think realistically about your skill level. Don’t try something with a horse that you are not comfortable that you have the skill’s to pull off. If necessary seek out professional advise.

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that a horse learns from the release of pressure and not the pressure itself. Therefore we must be focused in on our horse and have perfect timing with our release as a reward. It is through this release (reward) that our horses learn that they have done the correct thing.

Perfect timing just doesn’t happen. Like all good things it comes after much practice.  We all have probably worried at some point as to what happens if my timing is off. Will I ruin my horse? No I don’t believe so. If your horse yielded to the pressure that you were applying and you missed the proper timing for the release then just take a step back and try again. This time be ready for the release. Always remember that your key to having perfect timing with your horse is to be tuned in and ready to reward the slightest try.


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